Olde Goa Goan Cafreal Paste ( goan green curry paste )


1) Goan Cafreal (serves 4to 6)
You will need .. paste 100 gram in pouch
1 kg meat or veg like mushrooms or Panner ,2 tbsp Olde goa toddy vinegar or cider will do
1. Coat the meat ( diced or on the bone )I prefer the bone on the meat .with toddy vinegar along with the marinade from the pouch keep aside for 1hour
2) with little oil in a pan fry the chicken until cooked server with rice or just with chips
Tip from chef savio ,for a curry fry 2 large onion and add to the marinaded meat or veg with coconut milk let it cook adding little warm water .

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A warming marinade bought to Goa from Mozambique (Africa) its great for making meat curries and to marinade meaty dishes even on game


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