Why Goan Coconut Vinegar Can be Your Best Friend Adding Sour Flavor to Food?


Well, you want to make something spicy, sour and soupy food at your home. You must be trying to make your family taste something delicious and pungent of course. Have you ever thought to use coconut vinegar in your recipe? If you do not know what coconut vinegar is and how to use the ingredient in your food then this blog will surely help you out. Goan coconut vinegar is a pungent agent that adds different but amazing flavour to your food. It is known to us that vinegar tastes sour and it is well-known to bring sourness in food.

Introduction to Coconut Vinegar in Cooking

In India, vinegar is used in different food joints with slices of chillies. People use vinegar to marinate food preparation or to make the food tasty. Though, few people consider kokam or tamarind or amado to add sourness to food. Goa is a part of India where you can find Portuguese influence in their cuisines. It was Portuguese who introduced vinegar to the people of Goa, the Goans. At present also, people in Goa (mainly the Christian community) use vinegar in many dishes. Coconut vinegar is one type of vinegar that is widely used by Goans in different types of dishes.

Coconut Vinegar – Your Sour Agent in Kitchen

Goan coconut vinegar is specially used in soups, different kinds of salads, dips and dressings. Yes, there is an assortment of vinegar in the marketplace, like apple cider vinegar, palm vinegar, grape and fish tamarind vinegar and so on. Still, people who prefer traditional way of cooking, keep the coconut vinegar as their first preference. Let us put a glance at the benefits of using coconut vinegar in cooking.

  1. Coconut vinegar is healthy and can be a great replacement of Apple cider vinegar.
  2. It adds vitamin C and B to your food.
  3. It is good source of potassium, Beta-carotene, calcium, sodium and phosphorous.
  4. The vinegar is rich in antioxidant and you can get 17 amino acids in it.
  5. Even patients who are suffering from Diabetics can use this vinegar in food.

Coconut vinegar is used widely in southern-east part of Asia. This vinegar is made from coconut water or coconut sap. In Philippines the vinegar is known as Suka ng niyog. Not to mention again that Coconut vinegar is also used in different parts of India in cooking, marinating and to add sour to noodle, pasta or kind of snacks.

Handy & Safe Souring Ingredient for Dishes

When you are unable to decide which vinegar can be permanent habitat in your kitchen, you can surely consider coconut vinegar. Goan coconut vinegar is rich in minerals, index low on glycemic and directly connected to nature. Hence, you can use this vinegar for the preparations where fermentation is the inseparable part of cooking. If you are one of them who loves to keep the sourness in food with spicy and sweetie taste then coconut vinegar would be the best one. When there is not yoghurt or lemon juice left in your kitchen but you need the sourness at your dish, try coconut vinegar – it is safe and healthy for sure.